Meet Our Team

Co-Founder / Model


Hi there, I'm Ottis, the American Pitbull Terrier! I'm 2 years old and you've guessed it... I've got energy for days. Playing fetch? I'm your guy. Tug of war? Bring it on!

I'm super strong and can go on forever, but I also need my beauty sleep—I never get up before 10 AM, no matter what's going on around me. My humans know better than to wake me up early. Beauty sleep is important, you know!

When I'm not catching up on my sleeps, I love being a model for our brand, Pips & Oats (I'm Oats). My humans say I have the perfect look, and I can't disagree—I mean, look at these pearly white teeth! That's thanks to my love for chewing on antlers. Keeps my chompers squeaky clean and strong.

I live in a super happy home with my older sister Nandie and big brother Loki. We've got multiple beds and more treats than we can count. Life here is pretty sweet, but
it's not all fun and games. Every day, I go and train for a couple of hours. It's tough, but it keeps me on my best behavior, obedient, and smart. Plus, mom says it makes life hassle-free whatever that means but I'm super happy.

Oh, and did I mention I'm a product tester for Pips & Oats? Yup, I make sure all our products are top-notch and can withstand my huge, powerful jaws. I chew on my toys all day, every day, to make sure they're the best quality possible.

So that's me, Ottis, living my best life - full of play, sleep, modeling, and lots of love. Life couldn't be better!

PS... Have I mentioned i also have my personal TikTok account? Yes that right if you want to see more of me just click the button below and follow along while i adventure and zoom around my life!




This is Pippi, (Pips) our beloved Yorkshire Terrier. She was 13 years old. Pippi was more than just a pet; she was a member of our family, a loyal friend, and a constant source of joy and love.

Pippi brought an endless supply of energy and affection. Her sparkling eyes and wagging tail could brighten even the darkest days. Pippi had a way of making everyone she met feel special and loved, and her love for belly rubs was always met.

Pippi was small in size but mighty in heart. She had a personality that was larger than life. Whether she was curling up on a lap, or simply being her adorable self, Pippi filled her home with warmth and happiness. She was never to far from her moms side.

Her loyalty was unwavering. Pippi had an incredible knack for knowing when someone needed comforting. She was always there, ready to snuggle and offer her quiet companionship. Her presence was a constant reminder of the simple joys in life and the beauty of unconditional love.



Hi there, I'm Nandie, a 13 year old golden English Cocker Spaniel. Sleeping is my favorite activity, especially when I can snuggle up in bed with my humans. But when I'm awake, I love to jump into any water I can find during our walks—puddles, ponds, you name it!

I’m not too fond of new people coming into my house tho only close friends and family members thats how i like it! I also adore my brothers, Ottis and Loki, even if they steal my beds sometimes, but thats another excuse to cuddle up with my humans instead.

 Remember how i told you I love water? Well that only applies for the water that is outside the house I hate baths and i can't stand showers, but I absolutely love food. Pizza is my favorite treat! So remember if you ever see me don't come empty handed! As i mentioned before i only accept close friends and family and if you gift me with a slice of pepperoni pizza i feel like we could even become family!

So, that's me, Nandie—water-loving, food-obsessed, and happiest when I'm with my family. Life is pretty great! 

CMO / Model


Hey there! I'm Frankie, a 2 year-old tabby cat. I live indoors but spend my days outside, thanks to a window left open especially for me. I love climbing, running around, and playing—especially with new friends I meet outside.

I’ve got a few quirks. I love licking the top of yogurt pots and playing with water from the taps. New toys? Count me in! I also play fetch like a dog, but with hair ties. I'll bring you a bubble, you throw it, and then I bring it back.

Sardines are my favourite snack. They keep me energised for all my daily adventures. So, that's me, Frankie—playful, curious, and always up for some fun. Life is an adventure!

senior vice president / MODEL


Hi, I'm Fifi, a Maltese-Shih Tzu mix. I am 4 years old but mom tells me i'm just a little baby. I absolutely love playing and hanging out with my mom wherever she goes - car rides, walks, you name it. I even follow her around the kitchen (sometimes I even help out in the cleaning process, anything that falls to the ground don't worry! It will be gone before you even notice.)

Fashion is my thing. My harness and leash always match perfectly. At night, I sleep on the bed with my humans, and I have my own special seat on the couch just for me.

I adore playing with other dogs and have a special collection of teddy bears. New toys are the best! I eat my food really fast and love coconut oil to keep my coat nice and shiny.

So, that's me, Fifi—playful, stylish, and always by my mom's side. Life is fabulous!