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Anti-Barking Device

Anti-Barking Device

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The ultimate solution for pet owners seeking harmony and peace in their homes

Stop your dog's bark in its tracks with our Anti-Barking Device! This device is perfect for training your furry friend to behave. Say goodbye to excessive barking and hello to a happy, well-trained dog. 

Our core mission is focused on fostering a peaceful coexistence between you and your beloved canine companion. The Anti-Barking Device is not just any device; it's a bridge to understanding and communication, using humane and innovative technology to gently guide your dog towards quieter behavior without the use of unnecessary force (shock collars = *very sad woof*). We highly value the well-being of your pet.

Dog Bark Control & Dog Training: Our anti-bark device will provide you with a safe and effective solution for dog training + bark control. 

Suitable for All Dog Sizes: By emitting a super audible frequency sound at 15KHZ-30KHZ,  it doesn't affect humans and other animals however, it can grab a dogs attention to discourage them from excessive barking.

Suitable for Outdoor Use: The range of the tool is 10m (32.8ft). This great level of reach paired along with the IPX4 waterproof function and the little hanger on the back of the device allows for dog owners to fully maximise the potential of the device by taking it outside (as well as using it indoors). 

Portable Size & Battery Life: The device is small (fits in the palm of your hand), therefore it's simple to carry and move around wherever you see fit for your pet. It uses a chargeable lithium battery which allows it to within 5 hours be charged enough for up to 30 days(!) worth of your dogs work time.

Advice: Our goal is to improve the lives of as many dogs and dog owners as possible, however we want to be fully transparent with the scenarios in which our bark control device would not be suitable.

These are:

-dogs who have hearing problems/hearing loss 

-dogs under 6 months old (as using the device so early on may hinder the pups hearing development). 

*Training your dog is required in order to achieve long-lasting, desirable and effective results 

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